Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two Poems from Jazz Camper David Erdreich

Bassline 4/7/08 8:02 am

The bass is the bottom
Teller of stories
Outline, bare bones
Who was more solid than Ray Brown?
Who could express those uncomfortable feelings
Better than Charles Mingus?
A thousand other jazz bassmen and now jazz basswomen
Thumping those subliminals
Marking the mythos
Expanding the strand you stand on
Background foreground closure.

Chrysalis 6/5/04

Lost among the rushes
I appear full blown
A reed man
With no audience and no band
I arrange my bass line
And cast it into the water music
(Catch my Handl?)
A tune breaks the surface
Fog and mist rise from the past
A melody grabs the bait
Racing deep down into the future
I've been here all along
You just never noticed
My invisible song de

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