Saturday, July 10, 2010

Off to Camp Again

I am preparing to leave for camp in a couple of hours. I will be teaching bass at California Coast Music Camp, and have been busily collecting materials all year. I do enjoy helping other folks discover the beauty and power of the bass.
Played a gig at the Mission City Coffeehouse last night with the Bolos, shared with the Honky-Tonk Dreamers. HTDreamers: What a great band! Tony Marcus, Jerry Logan, Charlie Wallace and Julee (forgive my spelling) on great guitar and vocals. It was great fun, and I sang Accentuate the Positive with the Bolos to a wonderful response from the crowd. It was the best Bolos gig yet. There were about 40 people there, a nice-sized audience. So, looking forward to this week, I will be enjoying the fabulous singing of Connie Doolan, and much incredible guitar playing. I love playing with guitars...

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