Sunday, May 11, 2014

You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover

I had an interesting thing happen this afternoon at the gig at the Presidio Yacht Club. I had just hauled all of my equipment in to play with the Lonestar Retrobates: upright bass, amp, cords, stool. I went to the bar to order a drink, and asked for a virgin mojito. The bartender(a woman) and I had a nice chat, then she asked me for $2 for the drink. Now, this venue does not pay the musicians in cash, just food and drink. I told her I was with the band, and she replied, "Yeah, but you're not in the band." I explained as patiently as I could that in fact, I was in the band, and she realized that she had made a big assumption based on my gender. She apologized profusely. It was a pretty good gig.

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