Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Odd Meter to Meet Boom and Chuck

Rehearsed with my posse last night. It sounds better every time we get together. We have too much material to feature everyone, so the biggest challenge is in the weaning; getting the balance right. I am terrible on the violin, but everyone encourages me, so I shall be brave; oh, yeah, and practice.
Music is a time machine. When you perform or listen to music from another time and place, it can take you there. It's a funny thing...
I am working on a Caribbean folksong in 5 meter, yes, five-meter. It is called "Turn the World Around". I am distilling it from a written arrangement that was my first introduction to this song. Today I copied down lyrics which I must go learn.
I worked with my percussion students today to get the tempo from the count-off, and introduced them to my friends Boom and Chuck. The 5th-6th gr band sounds great.

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