Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Public Confession: I Am Not a Member of the SF Symphony, as stated in public media elsewhere

Yes, I mean, no. I am confused. I performed recently for a benefit on an island to a sold-out crowd. The performance went well enough, I suppose. I received many compliments as graciously as I could without my big head exploding. Two or three days later a colleague at my day job asked me about my performance, and about my being a member of the SF Symphony. I was baffled until she explained about the article in the newspaper, on the front page. She brought in the article the next day for verification. I basked in being a member of a very exclusive club for just a moment or few, and later called the newspaper to correct the error. At this point I must confess my laziness, as I never made the follow-up call that I was supposed to make, and some people think I play in the SF Symphony. I am not, and have never been a member of the San Francisco Symphony. I am too skeered. I did audition once, and got a horrible case of the shakes. This is the perfect opportunity to face down that enduring feeling of not being good enough. Has something to do with the socio-economic capitalist system, where the emphasis is on the buck, and having more than you need. Except love. Then I tried to record myself, but I did not understand the robotic requirement of the assignment, so here I sit. Think I'll go practice some.

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