Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wohlfahrt in Beginning Violin/strings Class

With what music will students most likely engage? Under what circumstances will they continue to desire to make music? And what opportunities will await them? Families make music together. Friends make music together. Friends are made playing music with other musicians. What is a musician? What are the rules of the road of the tribe of musicians? They exist, and are followed by most members of the tribe. Bad behavior is avoided. Musicians understand that we live on the ark of cooperation because it helps everybody. We live in a web, a matrix, and we rely on each other. Which brings me to orchestra class at the elementary school today.
I brought in the first pages of the Wolhlfahrt Easiest Elementary Method for Violin. In the first four pages of exercises, the following material is introduced:
1)reading all 4 strings in different rhythms
2)half-step and whole step above the open string
3)harmonic minor tonality
4)major tonality
6)balance of voices
7)a minor, d minor, and C and G major
High value package! More later....

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